Listening and Leading

As a senior academic figure leading public debate Belinda already has a national public profile. An accomplished media performer explaining policy, scientific research methods, and the law, she is already well-known and respected in media and political circles.  She puts local people first. She is there to listen to the concerns of local people, and stand up for what matters. She will make sure that the voice of Cambridgeshire is heard – locally and at Westminster. She will be a strong voice for Cambridgeshire.
Belinda’s media work informs, enlightens and influences the public on sensitive and contentious topics. She counters  illiberal rumour and authoritarian anger to provides sensible rational debate based on empirical scientific work and an excellent knowledge of legslation and policy. Belinda works well with the media, understand the constraints and deadlines and the importance of getting a clear message across quickly to lots of people.
As well as the mainstream media Belinda often writes as a guest blogger. Belinda’s work is often commented upon and well-regarded by legal and science bloggers such as Sense about Science, Jack of Kent, The Heresiarch, and many more. Selected examples of her mainstream media work going back nearly 15 years includes:


  • ITN News More4 (2009) ‘Two in three Women Rescued Off  the Radar’ interview with Nina Teggarty, broadcast 16 September 2009
  • BBC News 24 (2008) Interview for 24-hour rolling news. 10.30am, 19 November, 2008
  • BBC1 The Big Question. Panellist in debate with Anne Cryer MP, Father Anthony Sutch, Rev. Joel Ashton, and Jay Lakhani, on the question ‘Should paying for sex be criminalized?’ Sunday 20 January 2008
  • Channel 4 Why men pay for sex.  Thompson, S. and Murphy, A.  Channel 4,  London, 2002
  • Business World Tonight on London News. Discrimination and Sexism in the City. 20 December, 1995


  • BBC Radio 4 (2009) The Moral Maze, 25 November 2009. Gave evidence to the panel
  • LBC Radio (2009) The Breakfast Show with Nick Ferrari. 97.3 FM Interview about a Court of Appeal case, the problems with adversarial legal systems, and authoritarian laws which lack discretion and thus have no compassion
  • BBC Radio Cambridgeshire (2009) Drivetime Show 4pm . Interview with Antonia Bricknell for the on the campaign to save Emma Darwin’s legacy and importance to feminist history of Grove Lodge, 13 October 2009
  • BBC Radio Cambridgeshire (2009) Jeremy Sallis breakfast show. 1 June 2009
  • BBC Radio Cambridgeshire (2009) Jeremy Sallis Breakfast Show, interview about Cambridge University NW Site Development Plans, 20 March 2009
  • BBC Radio 4 (2009) Women’s Hour, 4 March 2009. Jennie Murray interviewing Belinda Brooks-Gordon
  • LBC Radio (2008) Nick Ferrari Breakfast Show. Invited to comment on Offenders’ Human Rights following Court ruling. 7am, 22 December 2008
  • BBC Radio Cambridgeshire (2008) Interview with Andy Harper. Andy Harper’s mid-morning show. 96 and 95.7 FM. 19 November, 2008
  • BBC Radio 4 (2008) The Law in Action. Interview on magistrates’ bail decisions. Interview 29 May 2008
  • LBC Radio (2008) Interview with James O’Brian. On cosmetic surgery, body dysmorphia, and the increase in teenagers having cosmetic operations. 24 March 2008
  • LBC Radio (2008) Interview with Nik Ferrari. Juveniles who commit sexual offences, 1 February 2008.

Newspaper Interviews/ Public Information

  • The Daily Mail (2009) ‘The myth of Britain’s foreign sex slaves’ Special Investigation by Tom Rawstorne. Friday 13 November 2009, p28-29
  • The Times (2009) ‘Is sex for the disabled the last taboo?’ Interview with Helen Croydon, Times 2, 12 November 2009
  • The Daily Telegraph (2009) Two in Three Rescued Women have Vanished Again, mentions Belinda Brooks-Gordon’s work
  • The Sunday Times (2009) Sex and disability: What can we learn? 15 February, 2009
  • Workers’ Liberty (2009) ‘Sex workers will be less safe’ 8 October 2009, Jordan Savage
  • The Guardian (2009) ‘Red Mist Obscures Red Light Statistics.’ Brooks-Gordon, B. The Guardian CIF. Friday 3 April
  • The Daily Telegraph (2009) Brooks-Gordon, B. (2008) We Don’t Need McCarthyism in the Bedroom. Opinion. 21 November, 2008, p27
  • The Guardian (2008) Playing Politics with Sex Workers. Brooks-Gordon B. M. Guardian Comment is Free. 16th October 2008
  • The Guardian (2008) Observer/Guardian Education ‘Big Brothel research seriously flawed’ 3 October 2008. Anthea Lipsett
  • The Guardian (2008) Why Everyone is Suddenly Cutting up the Dead. Wednesday 13 February. Aida Edemariam
  • The Guardian (2006) Psychology can’t cure sex offenders. Friday 30 June
  • Daily Telegraph (1995) When brokers sort the babes from the boys.  E. Grice. 21 December, p13
  • The Times (1995) Sexist City men who divide women into babes, mums and dragons, 21 December, p6
  • The Independent on Sunday (1995) City gents? Brokers use sexist sliding scale in the office. R. Dobson, 9 July
The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality, and community, and in which no one is enslaved by poverty ignorance or conformity.

Media Debates

Convention on Modern Liberty, 28 February 2009, Cambridge Union.

Invited speaker by NO2ID (the event sponsor).  Internet Censorship in the UK: Why, How, and By Whom?

Intelligence Squared Debate

Took part in an IQ2 debate ‘It’s Wrong to Pay for Sex’ debating with  Rod Liddle, Germaine Greer, Joan Smith, Raymond Tallis, Jeremy O’Grady on 11 Nov 2008 to an audience of 1,000 people from the media, political and general public. Dr Brooks-Gordon and her team won the debate by 449 votes to 203.