Here I explain here about my background, experience and views.
Thank you so much everyone who voted for me in the General Election. We came a strong second place, overtook Labour as the second party in West Suffolk, increased our share of the vote from 17% to 23%, and with a swing against the Conservatives of 2%. We are now strong challengers in this seat for a future election.
In a time of austerity the Coalition Government is making many important decisions about the economy, education, crime, and health. It is more important than ever that local people have a champion who sticks up for them rather than someone who meekly does the bidding of Whitehall.
The impact of spending decisions will also depend on how these are translated by County and District Councils in Cambridgeshire. Here it is important that the views and circumstance of real people are listened to and taken into account.
A local woman, I have lived in East Anglia for 27 years, and as a County Councillor in Cambridgeshire I have a strong track record of sticking up for local people.
Many of my campaigns can be read on this site. Please contact me if you have any concerns you want me to take up on your behalf to deliver a fairer system that works locally for you.

Listening And Leading

As a senior academic figure leading public debate Belinda already has a national public profile. An accomplished media performer explaining policy, scientific research methods, and the law, she is already well-known and respected in media and political circles.

National Campaigning


Belinda has led a number of major national campaigns over the past 5 years. This includes working together with and bringing together campaign groups including Justice, Liberty, Release, Unlock, the Bar Council, The Royal Society of Medicine, Equity, a variety of disabled groups and other grassroots groups

Belinda believes that people deserve a fair deal from politicians. She wants a fairer voting system where every vote counts, and for real change in politics. She wants to end so-called ‘safe’ seats that were part of the old corrupt system of the old red-blue blue-red parties where nothing really changed. By voting Liberal Democrat she knows you can change politics forever.


Change for Women

Belinda has played a key role in developing Liberal Democrat policy for women and website sbraga agen sbobet  2018 with kevin sbraga, taking evidence from various bodies, chairing some evidence sessions, and jointly authoring the current policy document: Real Women. Liberal Democrat Policy Paper No. 91 (2009) Swinson, J., Featherstone, L., Thomas, S., Brooks-Gordon, B., Bell, E., Brooks-Gordon, B., Isden, R., Nichols, T., Sladowsky, M., Irfan, B., and Fawcett, N.